Love will sex you free


Santa is a feminine and feminist sex toy brand, offering a range of dildos with extra soft high quality silicone. The brand purpose is to naturalize female masturbation.

We live in a tremendously prudish society, which is scandalized because a child sees two people making love on television rather than because he learns to shoot enemies in a video game.
And as social networks show, in which all kinds of insults fit but where a simple nipple is automatically removed. Where a mother who breastfeeds her child has to hide to avoid being obscene.

The influence of morality, the weight of religion and the heteropatriarchal tradition, is still more present than we think. No matter how much tinder and how much sexual revolution we want to believe.
The proof is that masturbation, like consuming porn, is still a huge taboo. The great taboo.

Naming + Strategy: Joan Alvares