Enjoy your life


MOGAR has been reborn to make visible a lifestyle, an attitude and a generational value. The new brand grows together with a new idea of ​​vitality. MOGAR has one main objective: to take care of you during your adventure. It’s always there…

At Muma we have worked to synthesize the wide variety of products in a sober, direct and self-confident identity. Powerful colors, clear fonts and simple structures fit together like a great chain, a gear so that the consumer perceives the right inspiration and energy.

Orthopedics Mogar S.A. he needed a new impulse, to stop, gain confidence and relaunch his vitality. The objective of the new brand was to enhance the adventurous and inspiring spirit. The simplification of the Naming in MOGAR and a baseline that reinforces it, “Inspiring Care”, were the first decisions that were made.

The vision of the new stage was clear, MOGAR wants to be the ideal supplier for all those who decide to face the challenges of life with great vitality, confidence and enthusiasm. And the mission too, based on the idea of ​​offering quality products to all members of the family to accompany them in the correct achievement of their objectives.

Another challenge that the new identity of the Brand required of us was its architecture, since the range of products available is so diverse that it was necessary to find good drawers to organize the range. The Health, Life and Beauty sub-brands and their complementary colors are the ideal formula to solve it.

We have found its core. MOGAR is a magnificent support in inspiring moments of vitality. And for Muma it is a pride to have built that change with energy and enthusiasm.